Organic Home Gardening: Create your Perfect Organic Home Garden


Are you burning a hole in your pocket buying organic food? Have you been wanting to grow your own organic food, but don’t know where to begin? Would you like a healthy lifestyle and also experience the joy of walking into your lush garden?

Introducing … Organic Home Gardening …

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Product Summary

Produce Your Own Organic Food At No Extra Cost!

In a study called Forbidden Fruit, conducted by the Environmental Working Group, which studied 42 fruits and vegetables, it was found that these were contaminated by 66 different illegal pesticides, making them unsafe for consumption. Illegal pesticides are not pesticides that are not supposed to be used. They become illegal owing to the quantity used. Imagine consuming such a high quantity of pesticides! The solution, therefore, is to grow your own organic food! It’s simple, foolproof, and you can rest assured about the quality! Organic farming, gardening and growing have many advantages.

  • You are assured of the purity of your food
  • You will no longer need to stand in line at the supermarkets for your vegetables
  • Gardening is a great form of exercise
  • Organic growing supports the concept of sustainable agriculture, making the soil healthier
  • You can stay healthy by eating better
  • No more worries about harmful pesticides in your food
  • You have the complete choice of growing what you want to eat
  • Do your bit for the environment, gardening preserves top soil
  • Save money on all the expensive organic food available in the market
  • Make your vegetable patch the envy of all your neighbors, friends and relatives
  • Develop a hobby that improves your health!


You will find the following topics in this ebook : 

  1. What is Organic Gardening?
  2. Creating Productive Soil
  3. Layout for a Productive Garden
  4. Benefits of Organic Gardening
  5. Square Foot Gardening
  6. Synergistic Planting
  7. Companion Planting
  8. Vegan Gardening
  9. Wildlife Gardening
  10. Organic Gardening Maintenance
  11. Pollination and Gardening
  12. Beneficial Insects
  13. Pest Control Naturally
  14. Integrated Pest Management
  15. Organic Pest Control Recipes
  16. Composting and Natural Fertilizers
  17. Managing Weeds
  18. Seed Swapping
  19. Sustainability and Your Organic Garden